Why should I or someone I know join SHE Health?

SHE Health is your go to platform for mental + sex health support! We're a health marketplace app built for you, by other teenagers who are interested in accessing services that may be difficult to do without guidance and support.

What are your community agreements and guidelines?

If you are unkind, disrespectful, and/or violate the boundaries of a fellow member, you will be removed from the group.

  1. We come as we are:
    We show up open, vulnerable, authentic, and ready to celebrate our unique, weird, remarkable selves. We share our stories and learn from the stories of others.
  2. We treat everyone with kindness and respect:
    We do not speak unkindly, engage in gossip, manipulation, and lying. We set firm boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.
  3. We are trustworthy and lead with generosity:
    We do not share the personal details of anyone's life unless they have given clear permission. We support other members when we can and only if we are able.
  4. We do what we think and think about what we do:
    What we do, think, and say are in alignment. We also think twice before speaking - we are intentional with our words and actions.
  5. We are courageous and bold:
    We strive to think independently, outside of the box, and dare to dream and do the unthinkable.
  6. We believe in transforming ourselves before we go out to transform the world:
    We know the more beautiful world we know is possible is one where transform and heal ourselves.
  7. Radical ownership:
    We are stewards of this company, our communities, and the world. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions. We do not blame or complain - we take ownership and step up when we commit to a position of leadership.
  8. Less talk, more action:
    We know words are meaningless without action. Don't make promises you can't keep.
  9. We follow our inner voice and wisdom:
    We exist in the sweet spot between our heart and head. We trust ourselves to know the truth of what we want for ourselves.

How do I know this is a safe, virtual space? Do you curate or monitor the conversations?

We monitor all the conversations. Not in a "big brother watching" sort of way, but we have a community manager from our team as well as a teen ambassador/leader overseeing all the conversations.

How does SHE improve the lives and well-being of it's members?

We've had members share stories of feeling less anxious and depressed with others sharing stories of building confidence and gaining clarity on their own health journeys. Most importantly, members have shared they now have a supportive group they can now call friends.

As a friendly reminder, the SHE Health currently is not a replacement for therapy or additional clinical support!

I want to get more involved! What do I do?

Yay! We love that. Join the app and you can take on a leadership position either through leading or starting a new sub community based on interest or identity (these groups can be about any topic you're interested in like mental health, sex health, physical health, etc). We also have a GenZ executive council that we open applications for each year and internship positions that we offer throughout the year.

What if a member has a negative experience on your app? How do I know this won't be a community where members will spread negative or toxic information? What is in place to deal with this possibility?

  • Members are frequently sent surveys after interactions and checked in on by our community manager so they can self report (anonymously if they choose) either something going on with someone else or themselves.
  • All the topic based rooms are set up by us, even if they are led by teens, we always have someone from our team there. That way we have control over the topics of discussion and are able to moderate the content.

What do you do with the personal information of members?

We don't sell or share your information with anyone outside of our company! We do use your information to enhance the app's experience, offer new content that you might find useful, or bring in service or product partners that you might be interested in using. You can also check out our Privacy Policy that shares more about how we aim to protect your personal information!

I want to contact a SHE team member to give feedback or learn more about how I can contribute to what you're doing!

Yes! We love feedback :) You can reach out to us at hello@she.community for any feedback or if you're already on our app, reach out to any of the administrators or community leaders through the platform and we'll get right back to you!

SHE is accepting of all gender identities and expressions. Period.

Our mission is to provide the necessary and accessible health support that all young people need to thrive in this world. This includes all women, cis or trans, and all non-binary and gender nonconforming young people. We are not a platform that only empowers cis-gendered young women; there is space for everyone at our table.

We encourage and value diversity in background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, self expression, physicality, ability, neuro-divergence, economic status, and educational background. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, queer-phobia, hateful language, ableism, bigotry, body shaming, or intolerance of any kind.

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